Monday, May 3, 2021

As Consciousness Wanes

It’s always the same in scanning the news, blame, blame, blame, the polarity game, wherein everyone loses and nothing is ever won. Why does there always have to be a good side and an evil side? Stopping the game of blame is the only way to stop descending into ever deeper dimensions of the game. 

The reality we each experience is of system designed to take us on never ending trips in search of the origin of blame “out there” instead of seeing each and every one of ourselves equally as one, as the origin. Only when we shift that search for blame to responsibility and look in-words to ourselves will we begin to see our connection to all things and endow ourselves with the ability to do something about everything.

 The system (from the within of each of us to the without of all of us combined) projects the sum-total of internal realities to give us the 3D holographic manifestation (of sound resonance frequency expression) projected through our thoughts and programmed into our DNA. The system is ancient, breaking down and obviously no longer able to redistribute consequence and manage human beings the way it used to.  

 As the mind consciousness systems of humanity (from the within of each one’s mind to the without of the world system) continue to power down, the mental capacity of human beings will continue to degenerate in a manner similar to the way old smartphones degenerate when they no longer receive updates or no longer have the processing power to keep up with an ever increasing amount of information. As the power and processing capacity of human consciousness dwindles, so too will the sum total of all human mind consciousness systems (as the world system) continue to falter and fail -- as within so without. 

 Why is this happening? Simply put, the design of the human mind (which is basically a self-aware (or conscious) energetic system of automated intelligence merged within and as our human physical bodies) is no longer able to upgrade — due to its ever increasing power consumption needed to evolve. Therefore, from the perspective of human consciousness (the self-aware entity inside of our heads), is nearing the end of its lifecycle in its current form.

 Accordingly, as we approach the end of human consciousness, which may also be kind of like the end of time, there will be less and less automated relationship-regulation by the system from the within to the without and vise versa, which will likely lead to more and more chaos and craziness, which is exactly what we're already seeing.

 In short, whereas we will still have the organic hardware of our human minds, and should still be able to utilize them, we will probably no longer have that “automated” voice coming up inside of ourselves that has for the most part regulated our thoughts, words and deeds (basically lived our lives for us) while we remained in the background observing and experiencing emotions. 

 Without the automated mind consciousness systems to regulate the lives of human beings, the nature of ourselves will be coming through increasingly and more directly. It’s already happening and it’s just going to get more intense.  

 As for the so-called vaccines being blamed for all sorts of strange things happening, they may well be speeding up or slowing down this process. The thing is, nothing that isn’t already inside of us (as the nature of ourselves) can ever be externalized by us. 

 Thus it is for each of us to stop blaming the evil ones out there for what is happening to our reality. The reality we accept and allow within will be what manifests as our external reality.


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