Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Viruses, the World System and the Enemy Within

In terms of the global consciousness, I strive to be aware of what’s going on. So I read, watch and listen to perspectives from individuals, citizen journalists, mainstream media, popular TV series and of course that which comes through via Eqafe.com. Mostly though, I continue to walk my personal process of understanding and changing myself. Because the more I understand who, how and what I am, the more I will correspondingly see, realize and understand everything else, hereby giving myself the ability to participate (in awareness) in the changes taking place.

The most obvious movement is of course taking place in the global financial system, specifically the world money system. We are told in so many ways that there is an invisible enemy waging war against humanity; and while many may perceive that enemy to be the novel Coronavirus virus threatening to wreak havoc on our physical bodies, I’m here to say (once again) that, although the enemy now coming out of the shadows is real, it’s not the Coronavirus. Viruses, regardless of where they come from (whether or not they are manmade) are simply an outflow of the changes that take place from the within to the without and vice versa.

Just as human mind consciousness systems in connection with physical substance, manifest and sustain the world system, so too will changes to our individual mind consciousness systems (as the within of ourselves), result in changes to the overall world system. Likewise, when structural changes to the world system (as the without of ourselves) occur (are impulsed or pushed by whomever for whatever reason), the mind consciousness systems of human beings are also going to be affected - and this is where viruses in-effect come into the picture to clear out the old systems that are no longer sustainable and/or viable - due to changes in the overall system.

The main point that I’m making here is that viruses are not the enemy for what they do any more than the weather is our enemy for doing what it does. Human beings are changing, the world system is changing and viruses are correspondingly emerging  to clear out the clutter (so to speak), and when their job is done they will disappear or perhaps hibernate until the next time. And for those who wonder which comes first, the virus or the change: like the chicken and the egg, I guess that both emerge simultaneously.

As to who or what is the real enemy that is now coming out of the shadows, that would perhaps be that of ourselves that (metaphorically speaking) is now beginning to see the light - because the light is now being shined upon it… Season 3 of Westworld presents interesting analogy to this.

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