Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Guile Personality

Having listened to an Eqafe interview called the The Guile Personality, I can’t help but notice that I am still carrying along and embodying certain aspects of this personality, while (interestingly enough) also attempting to become solution oriented and aligned with what is best for all or all involved. Guile refers to sly or cunning intelligence and as soon as I heard this, I knew it to be a self-definition that I’m still dragging along with me - while at the same time attempting to be more self-honest and have more integrity. It’s been burdensome to say the least, yet it does go a long way to explaining some of the contradictions that I’ve been noticing lately in my thoughts and actions in relations to handling certain situations.

As a broad example, I’ve recently been grappling with how to best walk through and solve a situation involving three different sets of perspectives, A, B and C. While points B and C seemed to completely disagree, I as point A, I had been in both agreement and disagreement  B and C, while also pushing myself to live my commitments to be solution oriented in consideration of an outcome that would be best for all. However, in looking back at how I had been communicating with both B and C, I see that I had been less than 100% honest and somewhat manipulative towards both groups. I realized at the time that I was being dishonest and manipulative; nevertheless, I still justified such a position based on my desire to control the outcome - that would hopefully be best for all, but at the very least be suitable for me.

In looking even further into my dishonesty and manipulation, I see aspects of the guile personality. The reason I’m certain that I’ve been participating as this personality, especially in relation to the point I’m now discussing, is because in looking back at my memories, I can see me floating above everything else, looking at the information and deciding how best to manipulate the information in a way to achieve my desired outcome while also achieving what was best for all, and herein lies a point of self-manipulation and dare I say hypocrisy. In pushing myself to change myself to stand as an integral part of the solution, while also attempting to control the outcome so as not to diminish my position in relation to either party, I justified withholding my feelings in relation to both parties, choosing instead to activate the guile personality within and as the justification that they couldn’t handle the truth. See, from the guile personality’s point of view, most people’s intelligence level is such that they have to be manipulated because they can’t handle the truth, and this here point within and as myself is essentially why it irks me so much that the elite keep so many secrets from us. Specifically, the point that disgusts me so much in relation to the world’s elite keeping secrets from us is the exact same point, projected from within and as the guile personality that lies within and as myself. That’s quite an eye opener for me.

Getting back to my story, I now I see why throughout this triad of relationships, I was so conflicted. While in one sense (as per my commitments), I was pushing myself to stand as part of a solution by communicating with both B and C and encouraging all to cooperate, in another sense I was also participating in the guile personality in attempting to manipulate both parties while justifying my manipulation tactics with a sprinkle of intention to cooperate to create a beneficial outcome for all involved. As cold as this may sound, I am honestly thankful to see that I am beginning to include the point of intention to cooperate to create a beneficial outcome for all involved.  Now, it’s a matter of letting go of my guile personality.

Ok, so I did at least that I did push myself to cooperate with all involved and I also refrained from activating the intellectual personality, which I accomplish by “not” arranging my words into a form of legal script so to speak. However, I see that by manipulating my words “intelligently,” I was still participating in the guile personality in conflict with my stated intentions = self-manipulation as well as the manipulation of others. It’s kind of like claiming to be trying to put out a fire while leaving the gas on just a little bit.

The apparent outcome of the discussions between myself, B and C is Ok with me and perhaps with B. However, I’m not so sure how group C is going to view it. Specifically, I can’t help but wonder how things would have turned out if I had deactivated the guile personality, let go of my manipulation tactics, stood equally as one with all involved and simply been self honest with everyone.

We’re in a world system that maintains itself almost entirely on the basis of fear. Thus, whenever I/we give into that fear or inferiority of the system, which one usually embodies as a desire to create a certain outcome within the system, we end up perpetuating the system, perpetuating the fear and so on.

Herein, I forgive myself that I had accepted and allowed myself to give in to the fear of the system by accepting and allowing myself to use manipulation tactics to obtain a desired outcome, rather than taking the initiative to stop the cycle of fear (at one point in the system) by trusting myself to stand humbly as an integral part of the solution. Specifically, when and as I find myself desiring a personal outcome while attempting to create an outcome that is best for all, I commit to let go of my personal desire and realign my starting point intention to an outcome that is best for all involved. Furthermore, I commit look more into the guile personality, address it and leave it.

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