Tuesday, March 27, 2018

investigating Ultimate Self Responsibility

The word ultimate in relation to self responsibility is specific in that it leaves no room for excuses whatsoever. From here, responsibility takes on a whole new meaning, one that I’ve been  able to imagine, yet still do not see or understand the path to it. Therefore, I guess it’s something that I have to design myself in order to live it. Thankfully, I have come to realize that I am able to design or write the path that I care to walk and then walk to understand and live it.

The main point that I’ve begun to see in relation to ultimate self responsibility is that it begins at each entry point or the beginning of a new moment or situation. Furthermore, if that point of self responsibility is missed, even if it is just one little tiny point, it can actually fuck up things  way down the line. It’s kind of like trying to save a little money or time by using one cheap part in a complicated piece of hitec equipment, causing the whole thing becomes worthless due to skimping on that one point or part.

Thus, being more responsible requires that we pay more attention to the small points which always go on to make up the big. Therefore, it’s only common sense to take notice of the small questions or irregularities and to catch and correct them as soon as possible, least one of them leads to a mistake or flaw in the overall moment. Herein, I see that I if really care to take responsibility for each moment, each one of the small “physical” details that make up each moment requires my attention - even if it’s only for a quantum moment.

The reason I’m writing about this is because I’ve begun to notice a pattern in relation to people around me that have occasionally made mistakes or had mishaps. Specifically, there have been times when someone in relation to me had a problem that I had seen coming, yet didn’t say anything about it because I (for lack of a better word) was selfish. In other words, in the past, whereas in seeing a possible problem, I might have moved myself out of harm’s way, I wouldn’t necessarily have warned the other by clearly pointing it out to the other.  Basically, I would pay attention and adjust my behavior, yet I wouldn’t necessarily have extended my personal responsibility (or care) to those my environment.

Thus, I now see that, along with paying attention to the little things in/as each environment, my responsibility in each moment also extends to all that make up my environment. Why? Because I am equally as one a part of my environment, just as it is a part of me.  Think about it. If my environment suffers, so do I. Therefore, just as I am equally as one responsible for each environment or moment that I enter into, so too are we all as parts of our environments equally responsible for one another. Specifically, in each moment that each of us spend or live as one of the environment, each of us is equally as one responsible for everything and everyone else in that environment to the extent that each one is able to respond. Remember that, as responsibility = the ability to respond,  the more one is able to respond, the more responsibility that he or she will have - due to his or her ability to respond.

So, I will end this post here by recapping what I am learning in terms of responsibility - from zero to the ultimate standing.

Firstly, responsibility begins with each new entrypoint or moment of entering into a new environment.

Secondly, as it is the small points that make up the whole or entire moment within and as each environment, equal consideration for each point is essential to ensuring that each moment within/as each environment flows harmoniously unto the next moment/environment.

Finally, it is also important to remember that, points also refer to people in various states of awareness. One of my major mistakes throughout my life has often been to assume that whatever I was aware of so too were they. I now see that this is not always the case and it goes both ways. Herein, when and as I find myself noticing something wrong in the small of a moment, I commit to point it out. Furthermore, when and as I find myself uncertain of a point, I commit to self-honesty speak out and question it.

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