Saturday, March 31, 2018

My View on Anonymous

Do any of us really know who the elite are, the ones above the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the likes (or dislikes) of black pope? Probably not, at least not the 99.999% of us. That’s because the elite are anonymous. They hide their faces in secret behind digitized voices and internet memes, while telling us of the Elite’s plans, telling us to prepare ourselves and leaving us to believe that they are on our side, when in reality, what they present is nothing but a distraction designed (by its very nature) to obscure the path to a solution, a non-polarized one wherein cooperation from a starting point of what is best for all becomes the primary message, because this is the only solution. Oneness and equality, what is best for all is what is best for everyone and it is mathematically the “only solution.” Yet, we are unlikely to hear this message from Anonymous because, just as the Elite are anonymous, so too are Anonymous the Elite.

As the elite are anonymous and the (real) Anonymous are the elite (and I haven’t even begun on the subject of AI), we now have a name for the the nature of the beast. It’s called secrecy veiled as anonymous, the tunnel from which all fears are birthed and the equality of life is denied in fear strangely enough, of being less than equal - hence the desire to have more. Herein, the solution is simple; eliminate all secrets to eliminate all fear to understand what is here and then… I guess we begin to evolve.

All of the best kept secrets within humanity have always been kept out in the open in plain view where few would think to look beyond the psyop. I wish I were wrong. Hell, I hope I am wrong, but it looks like humanity is in for some more letdowns. Hopefully though, it won’t be long before the big turnaround. And  by the way, the elite (as so many have suggested) are for the most part (I guess) not even human, nor are they extraterrestrial. Try artificial intelligence, which I guess is kind of a human trait. Why do you think the web of secrecy and deceit, no matter how deep down the rabbit hole we go, always seems to lead to just another lead? It’s because our physical reality is existential  and the good and evil that we’re searching for out there is actually within and as us, creating the “out there” as the aggregate sum total of all that we are within and as us. As within so without, as above so below, as within so without. Meaning (in short) that the AI above is as the AI below and it’s called human consciousness.

Additionally, I wouldn’t be too concerned about YouTube and Facebook censorship. It’s an uncomfortable shock or wakeup call to many of us who are still far too complacent with the status quo. I guess this kind of shock will get worse before it gets better, because there are still too many of us who just refuse to move themselves as long as they have a place to sleep and their bellies are full. For example, too many still refuse to stand up for the human rights of others because they do not “feel” the pain of such abuses. Take for example my American compartirats, who on one side fight for the right to own weapons while on the other side they fight to take them away without even considering the plight of those outside the realms of their nationalistic fight. Yea, both sides are are nationalists fighting for their right to define how the nation should be - in total disregard for those on the receiving ends of their/our wars.

Sometimes (and I’ve learned this from experience) the quickest way to understanding the pain of another is to experience it ourselves. Thus it is that many of the haves require to have not in order to understand  the position of others in other nations on the other side of the tracks. Perhaps then will we see the benefits of providing all with the best so to at the very least be provided with the best for ourselves. The wakeup call has been ringing for a long time and many have answered. Now let us all bang on the doors of those who are still asleep. Explain to them that what happens to one happens to all. This is to say that, even though MSM may be redirecting narrative on the airwaves, the consequences of karma (for lack of a better word) will not be slowed nor even stopped. In plain English, Europe and America are in for a wake up call. And this is my rant for today... The Elite are Anonymous and the Anonymous are the Elite.

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