Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Changes in the Movement of Internal Information

Today, I am focusing on a point wherein I have noticed some changes in relation to the internal movement of information within my body in relation to points of irritation or aggravation arising within me. Specifically, wherein, in the not too distant past, I noticed how I had begun observing internal movements of information within myself by slowing everything down (kind of like shifting into slow motion view) and looking into me to see  energy/emotion expanding and moving upwards within my body, from which point, I would often stop myself from externalizing such emotion by catching the flow of information (just before I became it) and restructuring it as myself to a more stable, externalized sound/physical movement. This was cool because, even though I might have started out reacting internally, I found that by standing as the directed principle in that moment and not accepting and allowing such preprogrammed experiences, not only would I remain more more stable on the outside, but the internal energy would also most likely quickly dissipate, leaving me changed - to an extent. That being said, I’ve now begun to notice something different in the flow of information.

Recently, I returned with my partner to Taiwan from a short trip to South Korea. I didn’t really want to go because I’m fairly comfortable where I am. However, since she seemed to really want to go traveling, I agreed to go with the unsaid understanding that I would just go with the flow for 6 days. Also, I realized that it is often beneficial (even though it’s not always that much fun) to push myself to get out of my comfort zone. Anyway, there were times in S. korea when we were moving together on a crowded subway or a cold winter street, when would became aware of points of irritation or aggravation within my physical body. In each of these cases, I immediately understood that, if entertained these points in any way, they would be targeted at my partner and an ugly me would manifest. Thus in each of these three cases over the course of about a week, I responded as I have essentially learned to do through the Desteni I Process

What’s interesting though, is that wherein the past I would see or perceive what looked like a little bubble of aggravation building up in my abdomen area, which would then travel slowly upwards and just before it got to the point of intertwining with the sound of my spoken words or my physical movement, I would usually stop it by standing as the directive principle of the sound/physical movements that I manifest and create myself as.  However, in each of these most recent instances, instead of the point of aggravation building up and  then traveling slowly upwards, I would  in one moment see it and recognize it (in the abdomen area) and then (like in lightning speed) it would already be at my vocal cords. Each time this happened, I was like, what the hell is going on? Thankfully (and this is even a cooler point), the tonality of the sound that came out of my mouth was still relatively stable. This surprised me because, in the past, such an outcome usually required my participation, actively viewing and directing. The thing is, in these most recent situations, there wasn’t any time because there was no slowing down the view. It was more like quantum movement, here and there in the same moment. 

In looking back at how the change in such moments took place, I guess these were quantum moments of awareness wherein I saw the points defined as irritation or aggravation within me, which to say that these programs still exist within me. However, even though there wasn’t time to to oversee and push the change, my intention, perhaps based on past doings still came through. Additionally, even though immediately after each event, I was still aware of points defined as irritation and aggravation within myself, once again in changing my sound/physical output/standing, I also  dissipated those points of emotion very quickly to the point wherein I was indeed remaining stable within and without.

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