Sunday, September 24, 2017

Is the Future Influencing the Present?

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The other day, I woke up in the last segment of a dream. In looking to the Northeast,  across the sea, far in the distance, I could see the flashes of nuclear explosions as they detonated over far away lands. I told the peoples on the shores not to look at the flashes and then I continued to walk along the sea’s edge among the arguing parties of human beings. Looking to the Northwest, I could see more nuclear explosions going off. Don’t look at the blasts, I told the people as I walked along occasionally peering up as though I would peer for a moment at the sun, just enough to see it, but not enough to have my eyes be burned by it. Throughout the dream, I was communicating with someone about an expedition that I and others had set out on. It was just in the end of the dream that I awoke. It was the end of a time; yet it was also the beginning of something new.

That dream being said, there is another point I would like to explore that has to do with viewing or imagining future playouts and choosing which path to take. Recently, I read an article of an article on quantum theory that postulated that the future may be influencing the present. My take on this subject is and has been that this is indeed what is happening. Yet not necessarily in relation to past, present and future, but more along the “one” line of events called play-outs. If I let go of my linear perceptions of the X/Y cross of time for a moment to look and consider the quantum possibilities beyond the illusion of there being somewhere else other than here as everywhere in each moment, I see or perceive that everything that is here including what I call the past, present and future is everything. Thus, in asking myself in which moment the so-called future me  would most likely choose to correct my mistakes, I would say that, in this physical existence, mistakes are best correct in the sequence, at the point of creation, the point that they played out in order to change the composition of the foundation we walk upon, rather than attempting to correct them from a distance down the line - like trying to fix the first floor of a building from the ninety-ninth floor.

What does all this have to do with where I am now? In looking back at some decisions that I made in relation to the community where my partner and I own a house, I decided to take a more difficult path even though I knew it would be more difficult, because I considered it to be an opportunity for my partner to challenge and expand herself. What I didn’t realize at the time is that I too would be challenged with the opportunity to expand and change myself.

Now, in consideration of quantum theory (very loosely defined of course so as not to waste my physical body by over thinking that which my mind was probably not designed to comprehend), when I look at various points, I see that in walking or re-walking that path, I still made quite a few mistakes. However, my partner seems to be meeting the challenges. Thankfully, I am still here, at or near the location where I made the mistakes. Thus, I take responsibility for changing myself while I am still here.

In terms of space time, sure, I guess the future is influencing the present and this is why opportunity to change is always right here.  

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