Sunday, August 13, 2017

Freedom within Structure

In the past, I used to believe that freedom meant the opportunity to do as we pleased as long as no one harmed anyone else. It was an easy, child like way of thinking for me because deep down inside I knew that I was not out to harm anyone. Lots of laughs, albeit somewhat sad and ironic. For within my past definition of “Freedom,” I had, also “enslaved” myself by and to my own design of the dome within and as my very own mind. Specifically, in defining “freedom” as my right to do as I pleased as long as I did not hurt anyone, I had imprisoned myself in myself to an ongoing fight for my right to have and achieve the impossible. I only wanted to explore what was here and have some fun. Unfortunately, whereas this was easy enough to conceive in my mind, it’s not that simple, not even possible in the current physical reality. Thus, I’ve begun to redefine freedom to include a consideration of the structure of my body and the environment I happen to be in.

As everything is connected from the within to the without and vise versa, every movement within the structure of our reality affect the design/structure of everything as a whole. Thus it is that, within and as the freedom of our reality there is also a design of the  the structure and foundation upon which our so-called free dome is based. Thus, the reality of our freedom, be it mental or be in physical is always going to be limited to an extent based on the design of reality. This means that there is no such opportunity to just do as I please without hurting anyone unless that which I please is in all ways what is best for all.  

Freedom within the structure of reality
  • Freedom: free to do and create as one will within the dom (dome) of reality based on the design of the current reality.
  • Structure: the design parameters, strengths and weaknesses of my reality “under the dome.” Whether it be called freedom, kingdom, boredom, stardom, fiefdom, etc., I require to consider that in order to function optimally in relation to one another within the dome.
Understanding that, freedom to live within the structure or design of this physical existence  comes with the responsibility to consider the parameters or limitations of the structural design of for example my physical body and the physical environment  is perhaps a key to enjoying life within within this physical existence.

Herein, I begin to see that nothing is actually free, everything comes with responsibility.

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