Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ego's Revenge

I had a dream last night. A man about three feet taller than me was was holding my partner and I hostage in our home. He was attempting to put chains on us when I finally stated, enough is enough and I took the chains and threw them out the window. The big guy started pushing me around and asked me what the hell I was doing, what was happening to me and why I was being such a wimp and wimping out. I said to him, I’m done with this, I’m not playing this game any more. In the dream, the man who was a meter taller and much stronger than I, has been with me for a long time. Unfortunately, it is I as ego. For more on the Revenge of the Ego, click here.

I now see that, that I’ve been viewing my whole life through the eyes of ego, inferiorized into a constant state of fight which I defined as my one strength which could never be taken away from me. Nevertheless, in fighting for my right to be right and go the right way, my way, I was wrong. For, once the group (as small as a few or as large as all of humanity) decide to go down a path, even if it’s less than the best and they are being led by crooked ones, my responsibility to all is to go along so as not to make things even worse. I see this now due to recent developments in my community.

By fighting for my right not to obey and follow the interests of the few, I was as them, fighting for my self-interests, which even if my solution was the better one, it was still the wrong of me to refuse to go along with them down that path. Why? Because in fighting for my right to take my own path and not go along with the group, even though I considered their path to be deceptive and wrong, I ended up causing their path as well as mine to be even worse than it would have been if I had just gone along and this is the lesson I’ve learned.

Herein, when and as the group make a choice, whether it be for better or worse, I commit to go along with that choice, down that path with them so perhaps to make the path better for us all as we move along and at the very least, not make it any worse.
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