Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Image by Linda Dobson
Although I do not see a detailed plan for moving through this world and changing it/me/all for the better, I do have where within what I speak and do a broad plan in the works, to work with what is here (wherever I am), participating in bringing about a new land founded on the principle/s of equality within what is best for all.

What does all this mean? Basically that, to change this world for the better (at a faster pace than before, before it's too late) requires that those participating in the process of changing do so from wherever we are – as one moves – rather than waiting to get to the next point. For me, this has translated into the realization that, rather than moving to another country and/or attempting to enter into a new field of expertise, why not simply leverage my current career as an educator so-to (from within the education system) assist students and teachers alike to realize that the relationship lines that flow from each of us (as cause) to effect/create either consequence or that which is best for all. Within and from this realization, what becomes clear is that to change the world for the betterment of all requires changing self for the betterment of all.

So, here I am. After about a year of planning to move (once again) into the higher levels of the education system, I am now at Asia University in Taichung, Taiwan. I didn't arrive here with any expectations; however, I will say that I have been pleasantly surprised. Rather than trying to hold on to the old ways of academia, this university has embraced change and even requires that its instructors (regardless of the grumbling) embrace it too. Why, because those universities that do not differentiate themselves – via the graduates they produce – will in the near future be in no position to compete against those that do.

In academic terms, I would say that the economic/financial system of the world has entered into a state of contraction and consolidation. Unfortunately, this way of speaking of parts of the world system without considering the whole as one is one of the reasons that so many people, students and graduates alike have little to no idea of how the world system actually functions, let alone how to comfortably maneuver through it. Herein the point of differentiation – that which will separate the dying academic institutions from the surviving and thriving ones – is the ability and will to look outside of the box for new solutions to old problems.

Yes, many have heard the term, look outside of the box, but how many actually understand what it means to do just that, what is the box? The box (within) is simply one's pre programmed/limited view of self in relation to all that is here within and without. As a student and educator of students, my goal is to remove the box so to stand equally within and as all that is here while at the same-time assisting others to do the same. 

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