Sunday, December 2, 2012

2012: Dying to Ascend in Love and Light

As the prophesied end of the Mayan calender fast approaches, many have begun to realize that it's time to decide (for real this time) to hold onto one's dreams of ascension – the energetic illusions of love and light within and as the mind; or stand and take responsibility for this physical reality that we have all equally as one created, the evil that has been spreading through the waters and across the land.

For those embracing positivism and love and light: before you run and hide your eyes from this “Negative” message, consider this. Did you really think and believe that the good times would last forever, simply because you “Wished” them equally upon all? Did you really believe that there would be no consequences, that we would be free to consume and consume until we ascend, leaving behind a trail of abuse and suffering, a dead planet as testament to our worthiness to ascend to yet a better place in the galaxy, so that we might once again be let loose to consume? Did you really believe that eternal life is given/earned/rewarded to beings who ignore their responsibility to other life/beings simply because the view does not sync with their vibrations of love and positivity? Look deep down inside and ask yourself if you really believed that you, I or anyone else that ignores the plight of even one, is worthy of ascension as a higher being? 

I have news for you Lovers of Light, those who would deny the darkness the night. That which we have resisted (obscured by thoughts of love and light, and kept in the closets of our secret minds) has persisted and accumulated to such proportions that it has now become an unstoppable force of and as the manifested consequence of our constant and continuous self-interested determination to consume all life.

To ascend or not to ascend is not even an option
For the very meaning of ascension is but an idea, marketed and sold as justification to consumers who would rather lie in ignorance, than stand in self-honesty. Within this state and beyond 2012, many will only continue to Descend into their illusions of love and light wishful thinking, the hope that everything will be OK. Until in one moment, the consequence of all their love and light-positivism that has been created in the shadows as a balance to the other side of their reality, comes poring forth through the gates of Hell and it's time to pay the piper. 

That many have not yet considered or realized this, is only because we have blinded ourselves to the physical realities of this earth, filtering out that which we have have chosen not to see: self-inflicted temporary ignorance, in favor of an illusion that somehow that which affects one will not affect us all, justified in one way or another in self interest. 

This world system (if nothing else) has given us the opportunity to see the true nature of ourselves - what one would do and now does with the power of life over another (as represented by money). And obviously, we have failed this test miserably – for the bodies of results just tune in to the nightly news.

We human beings, the consumers of life are through our acceptances and allowances the Evil. And as such, together equally as one responsible – able to respond and reverse this evil, to live as within what is best for all – equality and oneness. There will be no ascension for anyone, and if this is not yet plain to see, it will be soon enough – for as is said: “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.” What this statement implies (from my perspective) is simply that, those who are still holding onto/valuing money, relationships, etc., (that which is separate from ourselves – existing only as the energetic illusions in the mind) will be the last to realize (ascend if you will) to a physical state of awareness as a living being equal and one with all life. 

We have been coned by ourselves – the part we call Consciousness, into revealing our true natures, and as many have already begun to see, it is the opposite of that which is called, good. To deny this is to deny reality. 

Consider the Equal Money System as step to reversing the nature of self-interest, to a nature that care for all equally.

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