Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 71: Tree of Knowledge

Ever wonder why it's called “the fruit” of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and why it's the Serpent that is portrayed/imaged into our minds as giving the Ripe red apple to Eve to eat? Why is it called, “The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.” Why not just: “The fruit of  our Existence”? This came up because it has occurred to me that all of this searching that I have been doing, trying to understand what is here and how to live, may be actually harming/consuming me due to the Effect that, the more mind I use to assimilate the material to assist me to figure it out, the more of me as physicality I as the mind consume of me. The fruit and the tree as me, being consumed by me as the mind, racing through hell to beat the clock, never realizing that all I need do to live is to just stop. It is a double edged sword, knowledge – a gift of opportunity, offered up to those who seek/require more. Use it wisely, the double-edged gift of the sword of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

I now see, realize and even perhaps even understand a bit of what I have chewed off. I as energy (separate in a sense, yet not really separate) see what life does not see, yet understands – that living is an expression, not an observation, a doing, not a thinking as is viewed/interpreted through the mind. As a mind, I have only been able to observe life, yet with “me” not being here to express/direct, there has been (I state clearly) little of me as life/expression to observe.

What to do with all the Knowledge: Apply and live it.
Within a realm of infinite possibilities (the bubble of existence) is Heaven and Hell as the fruit of life to be or not to be. The key is that, the choice is made by one and all with each and every breath, and it is not based on knowledge and information, but who we are as Life, the nature of our beingness – that which steers us to explore and discover ourselves within and as ourselves equal and one, or that which turn-away/separate from all that we are, move out and forward in search of more, which becomes a never ending search for something more than the infinite possibilities that we already are, loosing ourselves within ourselves, not finding what we're looking for because there is no More than the infinite that we already are – yet may or may not be expressing equal and one as life. There is always going to be or not-be light/dark, deception/truth – as one will. The determining factor is who we as beings direct ourselves to be. Knowledge and information, when incorporated into oneness and equality as life is not and does have to be a double edged sword – heaven and hell constantly moving to balance each other. We, infinitely within equality and oneness have the choice of existing/being/living in an infinitely expanding heaven – defined as what is best for all life, without having the obligation/necessity to balance the opposite evil by experiencing it, because the opposite is always there as balance – ever expanding with us as that which could have been yet wasn't and (as long as we choose to live equally as one within and as what is best for all) never will be. I again see and agree that the answer is to just Stop. Stop the search for more, become that that which stands for and as what is best for all, and create a world that is best for all. Within the realm/bubble of existence where we are the existent infinite, the path to Heaven on Earth (within and through equality and oneness) is the only path that may eternally continue to be always that which is new. I accept responsibility and am grateful for the gift of the double edged sword of/as knowledge of good and evil, so as to see and understand to an extent how I as life may function – the evil of me. Yet to stand and express as life, I realize that I must let go of and release myself from/as this sword of knowledge, the ring of good and evil; for how can we as Heaven be, if we are still holding onto and participating in Hell?
And there it is, I've climbed the tree. Now how do I get down – branch by branch, fall, or should I just jump. :)

  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to wonder why knowledge is portrayed as good and evil, and within this not see that it is not the knowledge that has created the portrait, while it is all that suffer. I see, realize and understand that I do not require to hold onto knowledge and information, for it is already from me that the knowledge come, and it is therefore (for me) just to express me at the only point which I am completely here – in/as the present. This is the point that I have found to be the most difficult to realize, the point of already being everything and in this, not requiring anything else. It is the point of letting go of trying to figure-out the future, and instead live in/as the present – the only point in which I am actually able to self-express/direct me based on an assessment of all points within and as me, as an understanding. As I have tested this point of letting go of thoughts, and found it to indeed be more reliable and preferable to obsessively scheming as the mind, I commit myself to speed up my process of stopping my thoughts, by at least 20% week on week, and see where I am in 5-6 weeks.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize and live the fact that when researching/studying, it is not necessary for me to use the mind, i.e., I am able to physically absorb all the information and knowledge, and simply live as it becomes useful in a moment. I now see, realize and understand that within reading, writing, and everything else that I do, I do not need the mind. Within this I commit myself to living without the mind – thoughts, pictures, personalities...

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