Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 64: Considering Consciousness

A couple days ago I wrote on the subject of Consciousness – the system-awareness that has taken over in absence of our awareness. After a day or two I didn't post what I had written because I was uncertain of some of the information that I recalled from “Consciousness – The Enslavement of Man by Consciousness”. So I went back and checked it. Then (as per my schedule) I read some blogs, in particular Day 75-77: Opinion Character, and sure enough that Opinion character is/was me to an extent of why I wrote what I did and also – to an extent why I didn't post what I had written. In reading about the Opinion Character what I realized is that: yes, most / if not all of what I say on subjects such as Consciousness, is from other sources. I input/absorb information at different times from various locations, and then assemble it into an opinion that I call mine, and it is mine – in that it's my opinion-character that I created to spit out knowledge and information as though I am the creator of the knowledge and information. Yet in reality, am I the creator of this knowledge and information; am I even the creator of the opinion character? Yes and No on both questions, in accordance with the question/answer of whether or not separation actually exists. My starting point of  writing this is that it does not.

Consciousness: I don't seem to be getting away from it, so I'm will address it / face it, again and again until I understand it. Who/what is Consciousness? Perhaps Consciousness is of the original program inserted into/as Life/Substance, the base program or source code. I understand that my self-awareness is a point within me that is simply here – not in fear. And connected to this self-awareness is a mind consciousness-awareness based on illusion – memory experience, thoughts, information, knowledge, etc., that is manipulable and available for me to access / accept / participate within/as, or not – access / accept / participate within/as. It is within this combination of self-awareness and conscious awareness, that I endeavor to become self aware as life – dare I say, again. The point that I am looking at within me is that, I am currently walking from and as three perspectives: the awareness or isness of me as the nature of my being; the Mind consciousness system – as programs / knowledge and information; and the human physical body. Together, this is me as I currently stand. To change me to a standing of equality and oneness is to walk in agreement with and as all parts of me, to be/become that change – to stand self-aware equally as one. In walking all parts of me in an agreement to change together as one, to a being that stands for/as what is best for all – equality and oneness, is to utilize all that I now am, to become that which I am becoming. In other words, Consciousness is not my enemy, it's part of who I am and have always been. There is reason (as in consequence) for why Consciousness now exists as it does, and (Opinion alert) it may be found in/at the source, specifically – source-code, the programming language of creation. Thus, perhaps to understand the role of consciousness we need to look at the source-code or original program within/as substance that we (as creators) inserted into and as us. What in-essence are we (as slaves of consciousness) as a whole in the process of doing, but forcing ourselves to see what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become, and in doing so perhaps direct ourselves to take responsibility and change ourselves to that which value all life equally. Maybe Consciousness is removing itself, yet why not utilize that which has been systematically presented to us as the nature of ourselves, to study and come to understand ourselves as Consciousness; while of course (in the same moments), physically directing ourselves to change ourselves and this world to that which is equally beneficial to all life.

 I don't have these kinds of thoughts throughout my day. Yet quite often as soon as I sit in front of the keyboard, they emerge, leaving me to consider that perhaps this is part of my process, part of who I am as in the nature of me exploring all as me. Either way, the “only” parameters that I have established for the outcome of this process is that it lead to and or assists in the establishment of equality and oneness within and as that which is best for “all” life. 
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to while writing some parts of this, participate in energy-highs signifying that some or all of what I have written has NOT been from a starting point of equality and oneness within and as me, but from the mind. Within this I see/realize and understand that to equalize all parts of me is to stop participating / moving / writing as energy, and instead direct myself to write/speak from/of the physical. Thus I commit to within further exploration into this and other subjects, when and as I notice I am experiencing energy, to stop, take a deep breath and continue writing without the experience/energy.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see that within the writing is me, and within this I see the true nature of me.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exclude the physical me, in not allowing me to type without thoughts that direct the fingers, thus I commit myself to move to typing without the thoughts so as to allow the physical to stand equally with the mind and being.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see that the physical is me too, and that only within trusting me as the physical to write, walk, talk... will one see/realize and understand that-trust – equality and oneness.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see or realize that in trusting me as the physical to move I will see that it is me that's actually moving as life. Within this I commit myself to see/realize and understand through diligence of letting go of the mind, the real me as life.

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