Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Economy, stupid or Stupid economy?

As the World Economy teeters on the brink of its final fall, policy makers skirt about like frogs in a pot of slow-cooking stew. It's getting dangerously hot and many of their good buddies (in the EU) have already gone belly up, yet not a single frog dare jump from the pot. “Abandon the pot” screams the stock, “abandon the pot.” But the frogs have no idea what the stock is referring to. “Leave this Economy pot,” they say. “Don't be silly, it's all we've ever know, it's all we've got, and besides – we're still making money,” and another sovereign goes belly up. It's a cruel world and to be fair, no one ever said that our time on earth was fair, but the time has come for us to acknowledge the inevitable: the World Economy is in its death throes and it's only prudent that all be prepared. It is no longer a question of if, but when; it's just a matter of time. Life-support is failing, and sooner or later, the world economy, as the unsustainable economic model it's always been, will finally come crashing down, very hard. It is a shame because it's inherent flaw – a simple millenniums' old mistake, is in itself that which deters those in positions of responsibility from doing anything to actually fix the system. The flaw of which I speak has to do with the valuation of money. Simplistically, our current economic system values money above all else – including Life, and it is from this flawed valuation that almost all of the consequential outflows that we're now seeing on earth – deforestation, animal-abuse/slaughtering, fracking and drilling, air and water pollution, starvation, poverty and famine, etc., can be attributed. A World Economic system that places the creation of Money above the well being of Earth/Life is a system operating in reverse of Life (from that which livE, to that which is eviL). By letting go of one's educational programming, and simply applying common-sense, one clearly sees that it has never been Economy, stupid; it's always been Stupid economy. Why, because instead of money being used simply, as a a tool to facilitate the exchange of goods and services, it has become 'the' commodity to create, have and hold. How is money created, “through debt,” you say? Almost: debt as a component of that which automates the system, is the preferred method of distributing money, with the value added consequence of creating more consumers – slaves, managers and laborers, who in-turn carry out the dirty work of creating money, i.e., consuming Earth – trees, plants, animals, fish, people, etc., to transform into Money. Have a look at the correlation between the global money supply and the extinction of species over the last 100 years, or the ratio of debt to deforestation , species extinction, etc. The charts don't lie: the creation of money is directly correlated to the consumption of resources/life. How about this for a definition of stupid economy: an economic model that values money over life. World policy makers have not been able to see the common-sense simplicity of this fatal flaw within and as the current world economic model, because they're all lost in the same deadly cycle of creating money for the purpose of creating money, in the hopes that it will trickle down and support Life. But it doesn't support life, as we've seen, because the directive of the world economic model isn't to support Life, it's to create Money. Thus: based on their job descriptions – targets and goals that have been set, bankers, CEO's and policy-makers are doing a heck of a job. The problem isn't with their performance, it's with their Prime-directive, make money / create wealth.
The Fix:
The solution to a stupid economy begins with restating the Prime-directive of the system, so as to align it with that which is best for for all life. Specifically: wherein the current system, Money is value; we simply remove money from its holy position at the top of the pyramid, and replace it with Life. Our new directive reads, “ Life is Value.” From this starting-point, money may then become a tool in the form of an Equal Money System, to usher in a new world, based on the principle of what is best for all, equality and oneness – the equal opportunity for all to live a dignified life.
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