Sunday, June 28, 2020

Censorship, a Clear and Present Danger to Human Civilization - Part 2

Censorship in the public domain of the internet, as a means of controlling the flow of communication or controlling the narrative  by sabotaging people’s communication links in order to enforce the dictates of an unseen overlord by denying people the opportunity to participate equally in discussions, share viewpoints and question their reality (as well as the authority of those in positions of power) is (to put is simply) a crime against humanity that is being perpetrated on a massive scale by an unseen enemy waging war against humanity.

Whereas the act of wearing a facemask outside of medical procedures is a gesture of bondage and/or servitude, the act of getting down on your knees is a statement of unquestioning submission, surrender and obedience to a master. Sugarcoat it all you like, but there’s no getting around the fact that these two acts are historically associated with INEQUALITY, BONDAGE in the spiritual sense and SLAVERY, the very ideas that most people supporting such acts claim to be fighting against - fascinating.

Accordingly, even to question such an act is to question the unquestionable authority of the unseen overlords, which if left unchecked or unpunished might lead to people no longer believing in their authority and/or power to decide what is best for humanity, which can never be allowed to happen. For, once the people stop believing in the power of the overlords, the program itself comes into question, the power begins returning to the people and the people begin to wake, which fascinatingly enough is exactly what is happening right now on a massive scale.

Somewhere along the line, things got turned upside down: communism was renamed democracy, war peace, tyranny freedom, Censorship good, and wearing a mask and getting down on your knees in obedience to an unseen master’s will suddenly became the right thing to do.

This inversion of common sense would hilarious if it weren’t so destructive to humanity. Which brings me to my next topic, Revelations, the Precipice of Destruction and the will to Change. To be Continued.

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