Monday, June 26, 2017

From the Pain of Experience within to the Change of Self-Expression

The title is specific because, as I said the words aloud and wrote them out, I changed them each time until they looked and sounded of the outcome that I  most cared to create or recreate myself as - from pain of an experience to the change of self expression.

There is no common sense in casting or molding one’s self  as words or spells that are not designed to substantiate and support self in ways that are best for all, which is to say that it is only common sense to use or apply words that support what is best for all. When we speak and/or write, we cast or mold ourselves (as beings of sound minds and bodies) into and as the design of the sentences we think, speak and write, herein sentencing ourselves to the words by which we have cast out and molded ourselves to be and become. Be careful what you think, put a guard on your mind. Be careful what you speak, put a guard on your tongue. Most of all, though, be care what you write, put a guard on each one of the fingers to watch and check each letter as you type. Herein, I commit to write each word with care.

In human system of which I am one, there always seem to be a battle to fight and be fought. Although I sometimes project the cause of this battle as being located out there, I realize that I am not separate from the cause and certainly not the consequences of anything, anywhere. Essentially, this is to say that I am responsible for everything, everywhere in and of my reality and this is why I call it, mine. Is it possible that we are all in our own little bubble universes, perceiving the reality of one another in relation to ourselves, completely differently. I say not. Yet, each one’s perception of reality as a whole is certainly of a different perspective, i.e., different. The question is: how are we supposed to align ourselves with what’s best for all if each one of us is locked into and as his or her own little bubble reality. matrix?

It has been said, in reference to being attacked or spited, that we should turn the other cheek. I wonder how I should apply this to the ongoing dispute in our little community. Certainly, if and when I experience spite as though I’ve been spited, the fasted way for me to end this experience is to look into me, address the words as definitions creating my spiteful experience and then change how I am by redefining the experience to a new definition, a new living stance. I am able to redefine the experience by applying a word or words to express instead of experience; herein changing myself from an experience such as spitefulness to an self-expression of… It occurs to me that a part of me has been feeding off of such experiences and although I could say I hate the experience and long for its opposite, I realize that love and hate, as experiences are of the same seesaw or rollercoaster ride. Therefore, I will push through the opposition to change and commence with redefining who/how I care to be.

From the experience of being spited and intimidated, I choose to change myself to live an expression of integrity, consideration for and support for others. If I were to translate the little point inside of me that just peeped, it would say, are you fucking crazy, how and why the hell would you support the enemy? Lol, this is what I’m working on writing out. My answer comes of the realization that he, she and they as “we” are no more than the least of our parts, the sum total being “me.” There is a path to harmony and what is best for all; the key is to find it or create it and walk it, as is our self-responsibility. There will almost certainly be pitfalls that we will have to stand up from and walk on and on and on until there is only one, one path on which all are walking equally as one. I understand this process and I will proceed.

These are but some of the points still weighing on me. Out my window and in my front yard I see the same points on the world stage, disharmony, war and more war, each of us believing that if we can just win this war, there will be piece. There is some truth to this: for if everyone wins, all will be won, one in the same. I could say I don’t know how, but this would untrue. I do know how; however, I do not yet understand how to live that which I know, the knot of now  by which I’ve tied myself into and as a perplexity. I guess I must consider each moment a new one requiring different movements while using the same principles, oneness, equality and what is best for all, all expressed in and as living words in support these principles. This is my challenge and my journey - to understand oneness, equality and what is best for all.

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