Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Tools of Creation

I know, I am aware and I understand, but what's the difference? Some may think this question quite strange, and in the past, I was hesitant to expose myself as such a quest. I wrote and I wrote for a time, until I reached a point, wherein I did not perceive or calculate the answers in mind any further. So, I stopped for a time and waited for a sign, something other than a knowing.

Which would you say is better to utilize, knowledge derived from ledgers of legends based on calculations of minds that view everything from different perspectives, or the knowings of certainty for which there are no quantifiable, visible explanations? It is confusing and challenging sometimes to organize words coherently, romanize them from left to right to communicate in ways that other eyes are willing to look at and consider. Nevertheless, we are able to do so. So, here I go with the aim of better understanding so to communicate more clearly as I go.

I know, I am aware and I understand, but which One am I?
  1. If I know (no) something, I am of course not that thing. So, why would we use such a sentence with the intention to communicate understanding of that thing?
  2. If I am aware, of what (clay) am I a ware, or where exactly am I? I use “aware” quite often, but am I using it as effectively as I am able, effectively enough to communicate specifically and create in the same moment? No, I am not. Hence, quest to understand why and how I/we are able to correct the usage of our words.
  3. If I understand, what exactly is it that I am standing under and supporting?

We create our wor(l)d with words of life, but are we living the words of the wor(l)d that we care to create? Symbolically speaking, words of life (L) are the tools by which we create our wor(L)d. Unfortunately, I guess that the instruction manual explaining how to properly use words (as tools of creation) was misplaced or secreted somewhere, leaving mankind in somewhat of a predicament.

Hence, the necessity to write to understand, explain and correct such lines of words by which we have sentenced ourselves to create without understanding the tools of creation. When and as I/we write right, letters as symbols, in ways that are best for all, the words in essence become alive, as living words, creating what is best for all, which is  right for all.  

As to what direction I head, it is the same as I have been, a journey to understand what is here. However, I now see there is “more” than just understanding what is here as life. Here is also the opportunity to live and express equally as one with life. Yet, in order to realize “the more,” what is best for all, I/we, must understand the creation process, which is how we create what is here, written in and as the spells of words.

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