Monday, February 27, 2017

Bypassing my Reactions by Becoming the Solution

Over the last few blogs, I shared some of my experiences in relation to different points, victimization, burden, frustration, desperation, etc. When I slow down and look honestly at just about every point that I deal with, I see that I have always been the one choosing the path called reaction to the problem = reacting to the reaction to wander around, lost until I eventually find the path called solution. The point here is that, these paths are all of my own making, creating my own reality. The question is, why do I spend so much time wandering around, reacting to the problem and then reacting to the reaction, when I am able simply to  choose the easiest path, which brings me directly to the solution? The solution is the solution regardless of the reaction and since the reaction is no fun, why not simply bypass the reaction to implement and become the solution? This is now a goal to add to my list and perhaps it should be my only goal for now.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into reaction to confront a problem, thereby slowing my process of solving the problem simply by directly becoming the solution. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that it’s my right to react to my reaction - as a form of blame, justifying an attack on that which I have blamed for doing unto me what only I have done and not solving what only I am able to solve. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself not to see, realize and understand that, for each problem I face, I alone am the key to solving it, unlocking the door, opening it, designing the solution and walking into and as the reality that I have created by living the solution. The choice has always been mine, regardless of how many times I’ve pointed my fingers in blame and denied my responsibility. The next time and every time I notice a problem, either being created or one that I’ve already created, I commit to bypass the reaction and the calls for blame coming from within and as myself, so to determine the problem as I am, so to design a solution that I am able to stand as and from this point, I commit to implement and become that solution as quickly as I am able.

There is no question without an answer and there is no answer without a question.
There is no student without a teacher, no teacher without a student and so on, which altogether is how I generally define the “me” of me, myself and I. The point that I have come to see/realize is that all the definitions which I have defined as problems out there, come from within/as myself. Therefore, as the definitions of the problems come from within myself, I am in reality, also the problem, which (thankfully) is also a question, which is also an answer equating to a solution. In understanding this point, of course I am able to bypass reaction and go straight to solution.

In looking at this point of bypassing the reaction by immediately taking self-responsibility for designing, living and becoming the solution, it appears so clear and simple, dare I say logical. Yet, without the assistance and support of the words of several others, I might still be battling the solution, lost in a waging war within and as myself. Thus, I say thank you to all for assisting me to realize that, as only I am able to stand as my solution to all of the problems I face, the fastest path to understanding myself as the solution is always going to be one, wherein I bypass the reaction by taking complete responsibility to investigate the problem, design a solution and live it. And as for the reWARd, an end to the hostilities within.
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