Sunday, August 14, 2016

Notes on Keshe Foundation Technology, November 2015

In alignment with my commitment to unveil the information within/as me, I post this (slightly edited) email that I wrote in November 2015.

I’m writing this post to communicate with all of you “my perspective” on Keshe technology. Although some may be viewing this simply as a possible free energy source, perhaps a point that will finally release humanity from the shackles of the energy industry, I suggest that there may be much more going on here and that we consider thoroughly investigating it for the purpose of optimizing our response to this opportunity or wave of consequential fate as the case may be. 

Having only invested about 25-30 hours watching Keshe’s recently recorded live-stream - KFSSI Blueprint Teaching HD #Sessions – on YouTube, I certainly do not yet consider myself to be that knowledgeable in relation to this technology. However, I have found it to be quite simple to comprehend, as though I’ve already been introduced to it. How could this possibly be? Simply because this ‘new’ technology that Keshe is developing and putting out to humanity for free is not new at all. Specifically, I am suggesting that, Magrav – magnetic, gravitational technology or science of plasma comes straight to us from the inter-dimensional beings of existence, inter-dimensional technology or technology of the past. 

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe has for quite some time already been releasing bits of this technology, but not until beginning around October 25th, 2015 did he begin releasing the complete blueprint, a work in progress for sure. The focal point has been the design of plasma energy generators which may forever alter the way we now use/misuse copper. 

Whereas we currently use copper to transmit electrical current via vibration, Magrav technology uses the plasma of the electron itself (instead of the vibration) and the plasma of the atom, atomic structure of copper to release energy and transfer energy - or something like that, lol. In other words, in nano coating the copper wire of its own material and then releasing the nano material as GANS or free energy plasma which is then captured by the super-conductive nano coating, we apparently end up with not quite free, but just about an unlimited source of for all practical purposes, free energy. And this, what I just described to the point where I am with this technology is its most basic application. As Keshe puts it, introducing Magrav as a plasma energy source to replace oil was just ‘the carrot’ to get people interested. I’d say it is super conductivity, the science of magnetics, gravity, programmed energy (not necessarily in that order) in its infancy now being introduced, dare I say, ‘once again’ to humanity.

For me in relation to what I have listened to via inter-dimensional beings, it’s as though the technology of the inter-dimensional existence, the science of creation is now being introduced and made available in this physical existence to all of humanity equally. Heaven on earth, the end of time, the last shall be first and so on seems connected to this technology. Or maybe it’s just my imagination; either way, I consider this to be super cool and extremely relevant. For with the introduction of this technology - if it be so - comes the confirmation of the exponential compounding of time, time that I’m guessing will soon come to an end.

Alright, I define time simply as an experience of the flow information relative to the one being informed. Therefore, as one experience information flowing more quickly, one also experience time as moving faster. Imagine lines of information flowing from one to another; how long it now takes to disseminate the same information to the awareness of all of humanity. When and if the information from one to all becomes instantaneous, time then comes to a stop, it ends and this is where I’m guessing we’re heading with the introduction of this technology. Why, because in theory, this is what this technology will accomplish and much more. 

One point that’s become very clear to me is that, all that’s happening here is by design, which is not to imply that we’re not designing it as we go, but rather, that which we design or at least certain points such as this one may require more focus so as not to miss what may be a huge opportunity, perhaps our best opportunity at the precipice of the end/beginning to input and solidify into/as humanity the principle of equality within what is best for all.

If Keshe is correct which I’m guessing he may be in relation to many points, this technology of new ancient-science will perhaps take off very quickly due to the compounding of time, the end of time, lol. Here’s something cool to consider: when you plug a Magravs power unit into the house, the nano coating superconductive condition of the wires in the unit will begin replicating itself throughout the wiring of the entire house, into computers and appliances and even outside of the house onto the power grid.  Yea, that’s a science fiction movie in itself and I haven’t even touched on the medical, environmental, space travel and so on applications of this technology, the simplest of which I’ll probably begin experimenting with here in my small apartment within the next few weeks.

According to my interpretation of Keshe’s explanations, everything in the universe is simply plasma in formations determined or defined by its environment based on magnetic attraction/repulsion or something like that. In changing the environment of the plasma, we are apparently able to change the state of the plasma to states such as water, gold, etc. For me, it’s as though what I’ve learned from the likes of Anu and Kryon speaking of inter-dimensional technology is now being presented (in its infancy) as physical technology.

Keshe speaks of this technology in relation to the emotion/soul/body. In addition to hearing him touch on how this technology will bring about an understanding of equality for all as part of all (oneness and equality I guess), I also interpret some of what he says to be references to the potential of bringing about world peace, not only by eliminating the fear of not surviving, but also through the change in the emotional state of humans that will – according to him – occur with the use of this technology. Medical uses, space travel, communications and so on, there is so much more to investigate.
What happens when and if in the span of a very short time, energy for all practice purposes is free, people no longer need to eat and so-called modern medicine becomes a thing of the past? If this technology comes into being, it looks to me as though humans with the coming of information equality, singularity or the end of time will be presented with a very cool opportunity to understand oneness and equality. However, what will still require to be understood to make this work, for us to really evolve is for all to really change our nature to understand/live (in addition to oneness and equality), the principle of what is best for all. 

Here, I’m not attempting to preach to the quire, but to direct our focus and consideration on what the unveiling of such technology may represent. From the AI that will arise to humanity’s new found freedom to instantly create whatever we desire, there will I guess also be consequences and/or downright mayhem. Or maybe not, that would be cool. Either way, other than the opening of an inter-dimensional portal flowing with information, I don't recall considering anything else to be nearly as interesting or relevant to consider such as technology coming from the dimensional existence into/as physicality, inter-dimensional technology.

Without writing a book on this, I’m guessing that if it does indeed come into being, it basically means that we’re near the end of the line, the precipice of the end/beginning, a point to take note of, for here that I have always considered the best point of opportunity to direct change. So once again, I suggest that we  investigate this new technology to check the design of what is unfolding so to be clear as to when and where input so to best direct the outflows.
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