Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Real Men Snuggle Cats

Last week as I was scrolling through Facebook, I noticed a petition to remove a page that promotes cat-abuse, cat punching. Another petition I thought to myself, if changing the nature of humanity were only as simple as signing petitions, wouldn't that be great? 

Unfortunately, just signing petitions is not enough to end this kind of abuse, not as it's promoted on the internet and certainly not as it's carried out in real life. Why? Because the act of signing petitions only creates signed petitions that still require movement to push through the effect of real change.  In other words (for those who care enough to end abuse and change the world for the better), signing petitions as statements of one's position on issues is a cool step, but it's just one step that, still requires followup participation by way of living one's stance in words and deeds so to become the change that's being petitioned. 

Herein, I clearly state: cat punching is absolutely unacceptable; the bottom line is that, real men don't punch cats, they snuggle them. 
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