Saturday, January 31, 2015

Horrible neighbors or Horrible Me - Part 1

My story begins some time in early 2013. I was outside in the community when suddenly a loud noise, like an explosion occurred not far from me. Immediately I went to track down this noise and to my surprise, on one of the drive ways within the community lay the shattered remnants of what used to be part of one of the townhouse's clay tile-roofs. Wow, I thought to myself, what could have caused an entire section of a roof to just fall, it's a good thing that no one was under there at that time. Little did I realize that over the next 2-3 years, this incident on that day would mark the beginning of the end of my appreciation for what I used to call luxurious living amongst the rich.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago on January 27, 2015 when I came home at the beginning of winter break and noticed some security tape tied to two orange cones and a chair in the middle of my entrance way. They're physically blocking my movement into and out of my home; there must be a law against this, I thought, and of course there is, but to this I will leave to later in my-story. 

 Why would someone come in the middle of the night and block my entrance way in such a mean way? To put it simply, there is a feud going on between the community and me, and although the wrath seems mainly to have been directed at my partner (the one who continues to insist on living here), behind the scenes I would say it's mostly just about me.Although I consider myself to be a nice enough neighbor, there are a some who might disagree. I used to have parties at my house, the reason being I thought, why waste such a nice place, why not have some barbecues and share? 

Returning to the memories of 2013: 
Very quickly as I recall, a few members of the community began to investigate why someone's roof tiles would just fall. Their conclusion (as far as I see/saw) was that the design and construction was flawed, and therefore the building company ought to replace the roofs of all 42. I agreed that the building company ought to fix without charge, the roofs of any house whose tiles had fallen; however, I disagreed that they should be held responsible for replacing all of the roofs; after all, I had not a single problem with mine.
To be continued!

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