Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 101:

Interestingly, when I scan back through much of my life, and recall the points of wanting/needing something, striving for it and getting it, I realize that those points were all of the starting point of mind/energy/fear, projected onto a goal, leading me to physically move myself to achieve that goal. And then after a fleeting moment of relief/accomplishment/security projected onto a point of having achieved something, the next challenge/want/need/desire would come along. And so it has been: me chasing an idea/image of me that I had created in my mind, believing/hoping that obtaining these goals would lead to some form of real satisfaction/contentment/happiness that remained forever as who I am. But it never stayed because it was never me, just experiences, mined/energy defined, accepted and allowed by me because I believed it to be real. It's a vicious cycle, believing that we are all entitled to more and more and more.

So much waste; why don't we human beings simply open our eyes and deal with the reality that is here, instead of chasing our wants/needs/desires – fear based illusions, of the mind? Why is it that so few of us seem to realize or care that, within a closed system with limited resources, the “more” we get and have, the less there is for the rest? The statistics are easy to easy enough to read: 22,000 children dying needlessly each day due to poverty; three-billion living on less than $2.50 a day, dead zones in the ocean..., and the list goes on. In case anyone wants to know who's responsible for all this misery, look no further than me and my TV's, computers, cars, motorcycles..., and the rest of us who sit back in comfortable chairs, thinking, believing that there's nothing we can do.

In the past, I have been asked “what are you going to do about it?” My answer is quite simple: change myself to become a force that stands for and considers what is best for all. The only way for All to have more is for all to equally have more, equality and oneness. It's the way we all should have been moving all along, yet somewhere along the line we went wrong – forward in spite and self-interest to arrive at where we are now, a world in reverse. So let's just right it by writing and walking the change.

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